Phoenix Lawyer-Client Reviews and Testimonials

We are proud of providing excellence in our services for over 30 years. Our commitment to each one of our client is reflected in our success and depicted in the testimonials below.

For us, none of our cases is “just another case”.  We treat each one of our clients with the utmost respect and recognition of their individual circumstances and as a family business, our values are the guidelines under which we operate.

Excellent Lawyer: knowledgeable and accurate

I would highly recommend Jonathan S. Collins to anyone in need of an excellent attorney.

He is very knowledgeable and always answered my questions very quickly. All of his recommendations as to how to proceed in my case and in my business relationships were accurate and beneficial.

He always is quick to respond to inquiries and provides comprehensive advice. My legal issues can be complicated and Jon has made difficult times much easier to handle. He is an excellent attorney.

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JoeBusinessman Phoenix, Arizona
Excellent Business Lawyers

Excellent law practice. Really nice people and very assertive when it comes to complex business litigation and business disputes. They did a wonderful job and I won’t hesitate if to contact them if I ever need legal advice in the future.

phoenix payson family law reviews

Monica B.EntrepreneurScottsdale, AZ
Couldn't Have Chosen a Better Attorney

Jonathan has been a great support through all of my custody issues. I was married to my ex-husband when he was going through a high conflict divorce, so I didn’t expect our divorce to be any different. Jonathan has been a life saviour in so many situations, keeping me level headed and reasonable through the entire situation.

Some of my friends attorneys will tell them whatever they want to hear, and let them fight court battles they won’t win, just to get the extra legal fees, but Jonathan has never once done that with me.

He will tell me directly if I’m asking for something I can’t realistically get, so it’s not worth my time and money. Because of this, not only have I not wasted money and time on unnecessary legal endeavours, but every time I have gone to court, I have known exactly what to expect and have always gotten exactly what I have asked the court for. Sometimes it’s not always what I initially wanted, but because he keeps me honest and reasonable in this situation prior to going to court, I have been able to focus on what’s really important with these custody issues, and definitely come out looking like the reasonable one.

He’s very in touch and familiar with the Judges and Parenting Coordinators. Explains what to expect from each one, and how to adjust your requests based on who is proceeding your case.

If you’re going through a divorce or custody battle, especially a high conflict one, I would highly recommend Jonathan to represent you. I have been represented by him for over 5 years. If you listen to his guidance, he will not let you down.

phoenix payson family law reviews

Complex Business Litigation

I had a great experience. My business litigation case was quite complicated, I felt that pressured and like the other party, my ex-business partner was trying to take advantage of me; but the attorneys at Collins & Collins were with me all the way and I didn’t feel alone in this. They tried very hard to make things easy for me and to explain everything since I had no idea about these things and legal issues, I have never had to deal problem before in my life. I think that the Collins are very good

s and legal issues, I have never had to deal problem before in my life. I think that the Collins are very good business lawyers. Would highly recommend.


phoenix payson family law reviews

Shana R.Phoenix, Arizona
Collins Law Firm

Mr. Joseph did a wonderful job at all my cases since we knew him 15 years ago.

He is taking care of all my needed advice all the time, we do ask for his advice day and night we never hear a complaint at all. He pulled me out of a major problem that I put myself in.

phoenix payson family law reviews

Child and Grandparent's Rights

J Collins has been out family attorney for many (about 6 ) years. He has never given up on finding ways to keep my granddaughter in our lives. He has been true to the laws even when the court didn’t abide by the laws. Trying to keep the bills down and fighting hard for the child’s and grandparents rights were difficult, but not impossible for Mr. Collins. He and all of them are helpful and caring.

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LindaPhoenix, AZ
Amazing Attorney!

Mr. Collins was referred to me from a co-worker in 2010.

I’ve required Mr. Collins services a number of times and each time he has been phenomenal.

Mr. Collins is honest, trustworthy, and seeks the best solution for his client. Mr. Collins constantly reminded me of what would be in the best interest of my children. He helped me see the bigger picture and explained each step of the legal process in a way that I could understand.


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RayPhoenix, AZ
Amazing Lawyer

Jon came recommend to me in 2008 when I found myself facing divorce. I was being thrown into a situation I never thought would happen to me. Jon was sensitive and caring and truly did was in my best interest.

He answered my never ending questions and concerns and walked me through every step of the process. On and off throughout the years other questions have come up and Jon has always made himself available to me for answers and advice.

Recently our parenting plan needed some adjustments so I again went to Jon. He was patient with me and helped me do what was best for my children and I.

I was nervous about going to court and child support adjustments and everything else that comes along with that process. By the time we actually made it to court I was confident in what to expect and felt Jon had properly prepared both me and himself to go in front of a judge.

I am truly grateful for him and all he has done for my children and I over the years. He is much more than an attorney to us, he is a friend.


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Absolutely Recommend Joe Collins Services

Joe Collins has been my attorney for 6 years now. I have contracted his services for family law and for advising on a criminal act perpetrated by a family member against my dependent child.

Joe and his father Bob Collins have been excellent assets throughout my family court proceedings that were complex and lengthy. Joe Collins is well known in the family court system being both knowledgeable of the other litigating attorneys, and the judges that rotate on and off the bench.

An added perk was that Bob Collins has a police background and he is skilled in the analytical methods used by law enforcement.

I prevailed in my lengthy court proceedings because I had an excellent, savvy, cost effective, tenured legal team representing me and the best interests of my dependents.

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A Great Lawyer Who Cares About His Clients

Jon was extremely professional when working my case for a guardianship of a child. Jon’s work was very efficient and he kept in constant contact with me about my case leaving me feeling comfortable and taken care of.

I felt secure with Jon in my corner on my case and because of Jon and the great work he did for me, my family member was kept safe from harm at all times and was spared from potential and detrimental psychological harm.

Jon is a great lawyer and despite his extremely busy schedule, makes you feel that you matter and are a priority to him as his client.

I would recommend Jon Collins to all my friends, family and any other person that needs legal counsel. If I need legal counsel in the future, I know I will definitely be seeking help from Jon Collins every time.

phoenix payson family law reviews


What You can Expect from Us

At Collins & Collins, L.L.P we are selective when it comes to the cases that we take on. The reason? Simple, we want to make sure that we are able to provide or clients the best possible legal representation that we can provide in order to meet their demands and individual circumstances.

Our practice is not focused on volume, and since we are a family business, we are proud to keep it this way and we are able to promise to deliver the best possible representation to clients that we decide to take on with professionalism and the utmost respect towards them.

That is why we invite you to make use of our Free Legal Advice, so that you can come and talk to one of our attorneys and get the answers.

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